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Raffi Chalian, M.D.

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Endometriosis is a common, yet incredibly painful, condition that causes endometrial tissue to grow outside of your uterus. At the office of Raffi Chalian, M.D. in Glendale, California, you can meet with a double board-certified OB/GYN and GYN Oncologust, Dr. Chalian, who understands just how life-altering endometriosis can become. Whether you’re experiencing chronic lower abdominal pain or have been battling with endometriosis for years, Dr. Chalian can help. Book your endometriosis evaluation online, or call the clinic directly.

Endometriosis Q & A

What causes endometriosis?

You have a lining inside of your uterus called the endometrium. Though normally harmless, when endometrium starts developing on the outside of your uterus and even sticking to surrounding organs, you can experience severe pain and abnormal periods. Some of the most common causes and risk factors associated with endometriosis include:

  • No prior pregnancies
  • Family history of endometriosis
  • Periods that last for more than seven days
  • Menstrual cycles that are 27 days long or shorter
  • Abnormal menstrual period flow because of health problems

This pain-causing condition most commonly affects women in their 30s and 40s, although women of any age who get menstrual periods can technically develop it.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis?

Severe lower abdominal pain is the leading complaint among endometriosis sufferers. The discomfort you experience with endometriosis can:

  • Cause painful bowel movements
  • Lead to pain while emptying your bladder
  • Make sexual intercourse uncomfortable
  • Lead to overwhelmingly painful menstrual cramps

Endometriosis is even known for being associated with spotting between regular periods. Plus, endometriosis can make it harder — but not impossible — for you to get pregnant. If any of these issues sound familiar, schedule an evaluation, and start treatment at the practice of Raffi Chalian, M.D. right away.

How is endometriosis treated?

Dr. Chalian conducts a comprehensive evaluation and might also request an ultrasound to determine the severity of your endometriosis and get you started on medical management therapy. In many cases, you can get relief from endometriosis pain by starting hormonal birth control, including pills or implants.

Of course, if you’re wanting to get pregnant, this isn’t an option for you. In this case, Dr. Chalian might recommend a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist.

This specialized type of drug stops your period and the production of hormones that are responsible for ovulation, which controls the growth of endometriosis. Once your treatment is complete, your period returns and you have a higher likelihood of getting pregnant naturally.

Prescription medication plans aren’t always effective though. If you’re continuing to suffer from endometriosis symptoms, Dr. Chalian might recommend surgery. Endometriosis surgery is minimally invasive and is important for both diagnosing and treating your endometriosis.

During your procedure, Dr. Chalian uses a tiny camera (laparoscope) to view your pelvic organs. He makes several tiny incisions, inserts surgical tools, and removes your endometrial tissue. Dr. Chalian might send your specimen to a lab for further evaluation and to rule out disease, including cancer.

Schedule your endometriosis examination at the office of Raffi Chalian, M.D. today. Click on the online scheduler, or call the office to book.